Reliability Engineering and Resilience

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Reliab. Eng. Resil.


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The Reliability Engineering and Resilience (RER) is an international open-access journal (online) published quarterly by Pouyan Press which was founded in 2018. The idea behind Reliability Engineering and Resilience is to answer the safety problems concerns which may refer to a component or complex systems. The reliability engineering attempts to measure the safety of the structure, stipulate the minimum required safe margin, and propose methods and tools to implement the optimum safety level of a component or systems. Also, the resilience attempts to provide a mechanism to avoid an undesired failure. The focus of this journal is on applications of reliability engineering and resilience methods in several problems.

Domains of applications include a broad range of engineering and technology scopes consisting of structural, aerospace, biomechanical, mechanical, and electrical engineering. Articles submitted to this journal could also be concerned about the most significant recent developments on the topics of probabilistic approaches in engineering. The journal also provides a forum where engineering researchers can achieve information on relevant new developments in structural reliability and residence. We encourage the submission of manuscripts that make an authentic reliability and resilience contribution to a challenging engineering problem.

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