No Publication Fee!

The Journal of Reliability Engineering and Resilience (RER) welcomes article submissions and does not charge a publication fee.


Guide for Authors


Authors are invited to submit their article electronically via journal website after creating account (click here).


Manuscripts should be typed in single column and 1.5 spacing on one side of A4 paper with 2.5cm margins. All pages should be numbered consecutively.

Language and Style

The language of the journal is English. The manuscript should be organized in the following order: title; author(s) and addresses; abstract (not exceeding 250 words in length); keywords (4 to 6 suitable words for indexing purposes); main body of paper; acknowledgements (if any); references and appendices.

Mathematical Expressions

Mathematical symbols and formulae should be typed. Particular care should be exercised in identifying all symbols and in avoiding ambiguities.

Distinction should be made between the number one (1) and letter (I), and between the number zero (0) and the letter (O).

Equation numbers should appear in parentheses and have to be numbered consecutively. All equation numbers must be placed on the right hand side of the equation and should be referred to within the text.


References to published literature should be quoted in the text in the order of occurrence by numbers in square brackets, [ ]. These references should be listed together at the end of the paper in numerical order. One and half spacing must be used throughout. It is recommended that the authors utilize Mendeley for entering the references (

Journal references should be arranged as follows:

H. Naderpour, A. Kheyroddin and G.G. Amiri, Prediction of FRP-confined compressive strength of concrete using artificial neural networks, Compos Struct 92, 2010, 2817–2829.

Conference papers should be arranged as

Adhikary BB, Mutsuyoshi H, Ashraf M. Effective shear strengthening of concrete beams using FRP sheets with bonded anchorage. Proceeding 6th Int. Conf. Fiber Reinf. Polym. Reinf. Concr. Struct. (FRPRCS-6), Singapore, World Scientific; 2003, p. 456–66.

Book/Guideline references are given as

Fib T 9. Design and use of externally bonded fibre reinforced polymer reinforcement (FRP EBR) for reinforced concrete structures. vol. 9. Switzerland: International Federation for Structural Concrete; 2001.


Type-settings will be sent to the corresponding author for proof reading.