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1 Research Scholar Government Engineering College Haveri Karnataka India

2 Professor and Head of the department of Civil Engineering, Government Engineering College Haveri-581101, Karnataka, India


Blast load is an impulse, unpredictable load occurs on the structure. It causes not only damage to the structure but also takes the life of the people, hence it is necessary required to protect the structure against the blast load. Here an attempt is studied is carried out for a high-rise structure exposed to blast load.The response is calculated by using Adaptative based modal push over analysis. The three dimensions are considered that is X, Y and torsion . Three mode are considered. The responses are storey drift, displacement, velocity, accelerations, pressure, impulse, base shear, interstorey displacement, storey drift ratio and normalized pressure impulse.The three-dimensional analysis is carried out. The response is controlled by using M R damper and cladding material.Cladding is aluminum foam , which absorbs the energy released by the blast load.The different algorithm is used for the analysis of MR damper are Bang Bang, Clipped Optimal, Lyapunov and LQR control algorithm.


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